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        NEW BLOW IN VICTORIA: Major changes for state as worker tests positive

        Victoria has reintroduced mask mandates and restrictions on gatherings after a hotel quarantine worker who was part of the Asutralian Open in Melbourne tested positive for COVID-19.

        ‘High viral load’: Mutant strain warning

        The Melbourne hotel quarantine worker who has tested positive had a “high viral load” and is most likely carrying the mutant UK strain.

        ‘I’m not playing’: Kyrgios storms off court

        Nick Kyrgios has stormed off the court and called the chair umpire a “smarta***” after being awarded a controversial time violation.


        ‘Infected others’: Victoria’s exposure sites

        Kmart, Coles and Bunnings outlets are among exposure sites flagged as “Tier-1” after a hotel quarantine worker in Melbourne tested positive.

        Angelina Jolie’s son debuts new look

        A shirtless 19-year-old Maddox Jolie-Pitt is featured in the latest issue of British Vogue with mum Angelina Jolie sporting an edgy new look.

        ‘Pristine’ Bali beaches go to ruins

        The popular beaches that once attracted more than one million Australians each year has gone to ruin in more ways than one.

        Frenzy over surprise Golden Gaytime twist

        An unexpected Golden Gaytime item has hit Coles shelves with fans eager to try the new twist on the classic ice cream.

        ‘Excitement killed daughter on water slide’

        A fun ride on a water slide ended in tragedy for a 10-year-old girl when the unthinkable happened in a pink capsule designed to thrill.

        Claremont serial killer’s shocking move

        A surprising development in the Claremont serial killer case could mean the end of the legal process for now.


        'Get tested': Fragments found in two areas

        CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA-NCA NewsWire Photos DECEMBER 22 2020.
Hundreds of COVID-19 test have been carried out in Canberra.
Nick Williams was tested at the Canberra test facility.
COVID-19 testing in Canberra as Australia remains on high alert following an outbreak of coronavirus on Sydney?s northern beaches.
Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gary Ramage

        live Authorities are on high alert after coronavirus fragments were detected in wastewater in two new locations, sparking calls for a testing blitz.

        COVID-19 case sparks Aus Open chaos

        Australian Open organisers are scrambling to test hundreds of people after a hotel quarantine worker in Melbourne contracted COVID-19.

        Help! I saw my friend’s hubby cheating

        A reader wrote in to detail the moment she caught her closest friend’s man in the act. Clinical psychologist Jo Lamble reveals whether she should tell her.


        Biggest threat to our fight against COVID-19

        Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hit out at a growing problem which threatens to derail Australia's COVID-19 recovery hopes.

        Man’s North Korea schemes just ‘hot air’

        A Sydney man accused of attempting to broker missile deals on behalf of North Korea says his alleged schemes were just “hot air”.

        30k Aussies don’t know they were hacked

        A top official has revealed up to 30,000 victims could not be contacted after a government agency was targeted in a massive hacking attack.

        COVID theorist now living with nuns

        A COVID theorist who shot to notoriety when she bragged about breaching lockdown has revealed she is now living with nuns to be “closer to God”.


        Dragons quickly abandon Folau hunt

        The St George Illawarra Dragons have withdrawn their interest in signing controversial footballer Israel Folau following heavy backlash.

        Sex services ban planned for NDIS

        Australians with a disability will no longer be able to use NDIS money on sexual therapy under a plan pushed by the government.

        Find out when you’ll get the vaccine

        The first Aussies are just weeks away from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. This is everything you need to know about how the rollout will work.

        Vaccine side effects you could have

        There are several potential side effects after having the COVID-19 vaccine. But there is one time you’re more likely to experience them.

        PM’s warning before vaccine rollout

        Scott Morrison has delivered a simple message to all Australians before the vaccine rollout, but has also issued a warning.

        Mother dies saving daughter from hit men

        When hit men employed by her brother came looking for her daughter, one mother gave up her own life to save her child in this tragic family affair.

        Warning over sinister TikTok trend

        A warning has been issued over TikTok’s new “silhouette” challenge after it was revealed the clips were being used in a very creepy way.


        'Wow': Psaki mocks Trump's pet project

        live White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki brutally shut down a reporter who asked a question about one of Donald Trump's favourite pet projects.

        Unexpected insult after viral picture

        A San Francisco teacher has been called the “humour police” after saying Bernie Sanders displayed male privilege by wearing mittens.

        Star smashes ‘truly historic’ NBA record

        A written-off NBA star has exploded in stunning fashion with a point-scoring frenzy that is off the charts in the record books.

        Australia lashes ‘unlawful’ Putin arrest

        Australia is demanding Vladimir Putin’s biggest rival be immediately released after he was sentenced during an ‘unlawful’ and ‘politically motivated’ trial.

        ‘Twinfinity’ pools are highest in hemisphere

        At more than 210m above the ground — the highest pools in the southern hemisphere have been unveiled inside the new Australia 108’s golden starburst.

        Jaw-dropping ‘palace’ has 200-seat ballroom

        This northern suburbs Melbourne mansion could be one of Australia’s largest homes, with its own 200-seat ballroom, soccer field and eight marble bathrooms.

        Sydney regions leading the new price boom

        Some homebuyers will now have to pay an average of $40,000-$60,000 more than buyers did last year due to runaway growth in prices. Find out where prices rose the most.

        Signal the housing boom is just beginning

        Good vibes have been reverberating through the real estate market, and now there is further evidence that a post-pandemic recovery is in full swing.

        Perry to open new restaurant in Sydney

        Chef Neil Perry is opening a new restaurant as the anchor tenant at the new Pallas House Sydney project, promising to “bring to life” a world-class neighbourhood restaurant.

        Inside bizarre metallic ‘arrow’ house

        It might look alien, but the creation of this slick structure next to a house an hour outside Melbourne is beautifully human.

        ‘Frightening’ photo of parents’ pool mistake

        An Australian nurse has asked parents to spot the swimming child in this photo along with a stark warning. The result has left people “feeling sick”.

        Wild claim about cocaine sex death

        Supplied  Fwd: REQUESTED HIGH RES: Top Doctor Jailed For Killing Lover By
 Putting Cocaine On Manhood

        A plastic surgeon, who was jailed for causing his lover to have a fatal overdose from cocaine on his genitals, has spoken out for the first time to make a wild claim.

        Tragic news for ‘St Kilda schoolgirl’

        The ‘St Kilda schoolgirl’, a woman involved in one of the biggest controversies to hit the AFL, has been dealt a devastating health blow.

        ‘Do better’: Kamala’s outfit sparks anger

        US Vice President Kamala Harris has found herself in hot water after it emerged she’s been wearing a fashion brand with a “problematic” past.

        Why Aussies are scared of COVID vaccine

        Not everyone wary of the COVID-19 vaccine is an anti-vaxxer – here, an expert answers people’s genuine concerns about getting the jab.